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Best Accounting Firm Websites

How to build the best website for your accounting firm

Your firm's website is one of the biggest marketing engines employed by your brand and that means it's important to get it right. Keep scrolling for some key components to making the best accounting firm websites in the industry. 

accounting firm rebrand

Always start with your authentic brand identity.

The Best accounting firm websites are built on a solid brand foundation

If you've never done the work of laying a solid brand foundation, then the ideal website process begins with a brand workshop, where a brand consultant works with the leadership to uncover the organization's purpose and values. Once you have that completed and your brand foundation solidly built, now you can jump into the website design and development process. We believe the following 5 components, while not exhaustive, are ultra-important to building the best accounting firms websites in the industry. 

Discover what makes your firm unique and then highlight that everywhere.

Develop a strong tagline and make that the first thing website visitors see.

Develop personas and then write your site content to serve those people.

Use real and professional pictures of your firm and its team members.

Incorporate video throughout your website featuring key partners and team members. 


1. Discover What Makes Your Firm Unique

And then highlight that everywhere

Your website should help you stand out in a sea of sameness. Use your brand's core values and personality traits (brand foundation) to populate your website with your differentiators. Don't shy away from them. Is it your personalized approach to clients? Cutting-edge technology? Exceptional expertise in a niche? Once you've unearthed your distinct identity, infuse it into every facet of your website. From captivating visuals to compelling content, showcasing your uniqueness creates an authentic connection with your audience, setting the stage for a memorable online experience.

2. Develop a Strong Tagline

And make that the first thing visitors see

Ideally stemming from your brand values, personality, and your brand anthem, a strong tagline is like a great first impression for your website's visitors. In 7 words or less, it tells people exactly what you're about and why you exist. And hopefully, if they're the right person, it will resonate with them. A tagline is a seemingly small building block but a crucial piece that is crucial on all of the best accounting firm websites. 

3. Develop Personas

And then write your site content to serve them

If you don't know who you're talking to, how will you know what to say? Personas are pretend people you make up based on your most ideal clients (either existing or hopeful). By constructing these imaginary people, you start to build out who they, what they like, how they think, and then you can know exactly how to speak to their unique pain points and problems. This is crucial to creating website content that actually matters to other humans (not just the SEO bots).

4. Use Real, Professional Pictures

Of your firm and its team members

The age of using stock images of business people on your home page is at an end. Nowadays, anyone can see a cheesy stock image from a mile away. And in the age of iPhones and having amazing cameras in our pockets at all times, it's time to use real (and professionally taken) photos of your firm on your website. It makes a huge difference and can be found on the best accounting firm websites out there. 

5. Incorporate Video Throughout

featuring key partners and team members

If you didn't already know, video is, and has been for a while, the most effective medium for communication online. So, it would be foolish to not incorporate this tool into your most important online, platform - your website. Like photography, video is becoming easier and easier. While we recommend hiring a professional video production company to create high-end videos for your firm, we know not every firm can afford that. Have an iPhone? You've got a great video camera in your hand then. Use it!

Excellent Technical Tools

used on the Best Accounting Firm Websites

best accounting firm websites use wordpress

Wordpress is an Excellent CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and for good reason. It's hyper-flexible, scalable, has excellent built-in SEO tools, and is easy to use. We build almost all of our clients' websites on WordPress. 

Don't Skimp on Web Hosting - Use the Best

We've been building websites for over 15 years and have used WP Engine almost exclusively during that time. With industry-leading security and server speeds, this WordPress-only hosting provider is our preferred platform (and we have a dedicated server through them, too.)

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Our Book on Branding

Our book, You Are Remarkablehelps accounting firms unlock their authentic, genuine, real brand identities and express them effectively to your clients to fuel long-term firm growth.

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