Choosing the Right Accounting Marketing Agency

how to choose the right marketing partner for your accounting firm

If you're a marketer who works for an accounting firm, you're probably familiar with the challenges that come from trying to successfully market your firm. Accounting can be a tough industry to market. The services your firm provides probably aren't super exciting and it can be tough getting content from your firm's leadership. That's why choosing the right accounting marketing agency to partner with is crucial.

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Great Accounting Marketing starts with Your Firm's Brand Foundation

Build a Strong Brand and Great Marketing will follow

Before you start searching for a new accounting marketing agency, it's important to make sure your brand foundation is firmly established. Or better yet, find an accounting marketing agency that can both help you with your firm's brand and tackle your marketing needs. Here's why: accounting firm marketing must start with brand because marketing should always be about building authentic relationships with your target audience. Brand identity goes beyond just a name and logo; it embodies the firm’s entire identity, including purpose, history, values, and personality. This authentic brand building helps set the firm apart from competitors and makes a lasting impression on potential clients across various digital touchpoints. Consistent and authentic branding is key in establishing trust and recognition in the marketplace. A strong brand identity reflects the firm’s unique story and values, essential for creating meaningful connections and driving long-term success.

Accounting firm marketing must start with brand because marketing should always be about building authentic relationships with your target audience.

How do you build a strong accounting firm brand?

If you've never done the work of laying a solid brand foundation, then the ideal branding process begins with a brand workshop, where a brand consultant works with your firm's leadership to uncover the firm's purpose, values, and unique traits. Once you have that completed and your brand foundation solidly built, now you can jump into things like website, social media, video and other marketing avenues.


Serving Clients Well

"One of the most important and meaningful experiences in the history of my business was being rebranded by Resound. They didn’t try to make me something I wasn’t… rather, they got to know my business on an intimate level. They creatively crafted a brand that properly communicates the uniqueness of my business.”

Grant Botma, Owner, Stewardship Financial

Within 3 years, Stewardship experienced



Marketing Resources for Accounting Firms


The Remarkabrand Masterclass

for Accounting Firm Marketers

The Remarkabrand Masterclass for Accounting Firms helps you refine what your accounting firm believes, how it speaks, and what it says.

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2023 Remarkabrand Index for Accounting Firms

The most comprehensive analysis of accounting firm brands ever conducted. With insights from nearly 1,500 U.S. accounting firm brands across 40 data points, the Index can help accounting firms in the rebrand process know how to differentiate in the crowded accounting marketplace.

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Our Book on Branding

Our book, You Are Remarkablehelps accounting firms unlock their authentic, genuine, real brand identities and express them effectively to your clients to fuel long-term firm growth.

“They didn’t just give us a pretty logo, they really looked inside our firm to understand our clients, our team, and our reputation in the community. Working with Resound on the firm rebrand was a great experience. They made the whole process (from brand audit to launch) run very smoothly. Their team is creative and professional. I am very excited with the final product we received from Resound.”

Jaimi Koechel, Principal at Henry+Horne

Mike Jones

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We're here to help and we love working with accounting firms on this stuff. In fact, we've been helping accounting firms produce award-winning brands and marketing for nearly a decade. Check out some of our work below or start the conversation now with Mike.

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