Featured Work: Integrity Homes Rebrand

A Rebrand with a Personal Touch

Barry Home Group Rebranded to Integrity Homes

Resound is pleased to share one of our latest rebrand  projects for an Arizona real estate firm: Integrity Homes.  This rebrand was initiated as this real estate group was changing names and needed a new visual identity.

Throughout the process, the Integrity Homes team was very adamant that their new visual identity match their values of relationships and service. "We don't want to look corporate!" So we set out to get to know them well enough to develop visuals that spoke directly to their core values and would authentically represent their brand's purpose.

The Brand Workshop

  • A half-day workshop with Integrity's key leadership team.
  • Helped define and document Integrity's Core Values, Brand Personality Traits, and an abbreviated Brand Story.

The Brand Visuals

  • New Logo
  • New brand fonts
  • New brand colors
  • Brand style guide

The Results