What Makes Resound a Different Kind of Branding Agency?

Our value for real relationships sets us apart as a branding agency and establishes us as a guide to help other businesses share their authentic, remarkable stories.

Everyone needs branding and marketing.

Any decent branding agency should be able to succeed at getting your name out there by generating traffic, for instance.

But is that all you should expect from a branding agency?

At Resound, we don’t think so.

As a result, it's our belief that the only branding agency worth your time is one that’s honest.

You deserve a team that above all, takes time to discover the honest truth of what makes your organization remarkable.

We don’t back down from the messy work of helping clients discover, integrate, and communicate their authentic, remarkable identities.

And unlike other creative agencies, we understand that it all comes down to the bottom line.  And so, with our experience in brand strategy, web design, marketing, videography, we are in the business of helping businesses and organizations expand their reach.

Most importantly, it's discovering the truth of a business, company or organization that really gets us excited… and as a result being able to help them share that truth with those who are looking for it.

"Resound has a very authentic, smart, and easy style, and that works well with me.

Sukki Jahnke, V.P. of Marketing and Programs, Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Our values are a core part of who we are.

In short, they're essential to everything we do, reflecting our commitment to helping you develop, integrate, and share a remarkable brand identity.

At Resound, we live out of these core values:

Authentic Identity:

We believe each person and organization has a powerful story to tell, and that the world is waiting to hear it.


Resound puts people first.

Pure Creation:

We don’t copy and we don’t recycle. A different problem requires a different solution.


We don’t beat around the bush. Relationships are too important to sugar-coat the truth.

Local Culture:

We value the people around us and their passions — no matter where we are geographically.

Above all, it's our values that position us for honest, transparent, client relationships.

In addition, they set us up to help other organizations discover and develop superior, true brand identities that resonate with their audiences.

Awards We've Won

Top branding agencies clutch award
Top 10 Advertising Agencies Arizona
Marcom Gold Winner
Best content marketing agencies, Phoenix
Davey Awards
Best web design companies, Phoenix
National Milk Producers Federation
Tempe Chamber of Commerce Awards

Some marketers go with the usual, subpar suspects:

- Copying others
- Making arbitrary or superficial decisions

Or even worse… misleading customers with dubious brand promises that won't deliver.

Not us.

If you’re looking for a branding agency that lays the right foundation for authentic brand development, look no further.

Our values, honesty, and integrity set us apart from the herd.

Nothing excites us more than helping organizations unlock their authentic brand identity and communicating it to the world.

If authentic identity, relationships, candor, pure creation, and local culture resonate with you, then give the Resound team a call!

We’re excited to help your organization with brand development, brand experiences, branding strategy, and brand consulting.

Looking for a Branding Agency That Does It Right?

Connect with the Resound team today to start unlocking your authentic, remarkable brand.