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“Tell me about your organization.” *gulp*

You have ten seconds or less to make a connection that could make a world of difference in your growth. What do you say? You’re pretty caught up in the day-to-day, but they don’t care about those details.

What’s the story that piques their interest – the purpose that makes them want to help you succeed? What do you say?

Brand Pitch

/brand/ /piCH/


A captivating, short-and-sweet statement that highlights what you do and what your brand stands for.

This workshop is the real deal. I walked away with solid pieces of my brand puzzle that would have taken months to flush out on my own. Even in a group setting, I felt like the content and exercises were tailored just for my brand. Can't wait to start implementing what I've learned!"

Founder, Standard Wax

Let the world know what your brand STANDS FOR.

In a world saturated with new ideas and innovations, it’s easy to get trapped in the sea of sameness. Everyone claims to have a great product or service that’s “totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen”, but even if that’s true...someone is bound to replicate it in six months.

Our half-day workshop is a place for you to learn how to describe your organization. Work on your brand pitch.

  • Discover your authentic brand values: what does your organization care about? What hills are you willing to die on?
  • Uncover your brand's personality traits: Is your brand elegant, smart, or quirky? It’s your brand’s personality that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Craft a brand story that defines who your customers are and what unique problem(s) you solve.
  • Pull it all together in one brand pitch! Now you’re ready to rep your organization at the drop of a hat – in any situation.


9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • What’s a Brand?
  • What’s a Brand Pitch?
  • Brand Values: Your Big “Why?”
  • Personality Traits: If Your Brand was a Person...
  • Brand Story: Helping Your Heroes
  • Brand Pitch: Converting in Person

Meet Your Instructor

Mike Jones is the CEO of Resound and a leader in entrepreneurship in Arizona. Mike is a brand strategist (and fantatic) and has spoken on branding at Texas Tech University, ASU, and PHX Startup Week.

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