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Build Your Brand Pitch

Developing your brand’s foundation to get a competitive edge

Everyone has a widget to sell. In a sea of sameness, why do some companies (and their widgets) rise above the rest?

All things being equal, it’s because their brand is strong.

Having a strong brand is like having a strong foundation under your house. If it’s solid, you won’t experience as many issues. If it’s weak, you’re in for a world of hurt in the long run.

Let us help you build your brand pitch at one of our workshops. Over the course of our day together, we’ll help you craft you brand’s values, personality traits, and brand story. You’ll get in-depth insight into what actually makes a brand, and you’ll learn how to pitch and position your brand so it stands out from the competition.

This workshop is the real deal. I walked away with solid pieces of my brand puzzle that would have taken months to flush out on my own. Even in a group setting, I felt like the content and exercises were tailored just for my brand. Can't wait to start implementing what I've learned!"

Founder, Standard Wax

Who should come to the workshop?

If you have a voice when it comes to your brand, you need to be there.

If you care about how you market your business, you need to be there.

If you want to find an authentic competitive edge that no one else can duplicate, you need to be there.

If you’ve hit a growth ceiling and want to figure out why, you need to be there.

What will you do at the workshop?

You’ll discover your authentic brand values and create value statements you can use to inform everything from content development to hiring practices.

You'll uncover your brand's personality traits and create examples of how they can be expressed through your marketing so you can better relate to your audience.

You'll craft your brand story that tells your customers how you help them solve a unique problem.

You’ll put it all together to build your brand pitch so anyone you meet will understand what you and your business are all about.


A.M. Session (9:00-12:00)
  • What’s a Brand?
  • What’s a Brand Pitch?
  • Brand Values: Your Big “Why?”
Lunch P.M. Session (12:30-4:00)
  • Personality Traits: If Your Brand was a Person...
  • Brand Story: Helping Your Heroes
  • Brand Pitch: Converting in Person

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