What Does Brand Development Mean for Your Organization?

Brand development means clarifying a core vision, and then reaching those who are looking for you by building that vision into how you look, communicate and behave.

People are already looking for you. Even if they don’t know it yet.

How do you know when your brand development strategy is actually working for you?

Your business or organization is unique and remarkable. However, your audience doesn't necessarily know who you are and what you can offer them just because you have a logo, look or brand identity. 

Two words: core vision.

We believe that brand development means digging deep.

As a result, a clear expression of your organization's values and why it operates should be developed.

After that, the next step is to integrate your vision with a brand development strategy.  In other words, to define how you look, communicate, interact, and operate - everything that will communicate what you’re really about.

And the end result?

A brand identity that more and more people can recognize, understand, and connect with.

"Where we are now, our place in the community, people understanding us, is so far from where we started… it’s the brand work and the website and just communicating consistently across all these platforms.

Kyle MacIntosh, President, MAC6

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We love to help organizations discover their core vision.

The next step is to integrate it, and then develop a brand that shows it off to a world hungry for authenticity.

In 2017, we focused on brand development in our work with MAC6, an entrepreneurial center not far from us in Tempe, Arizona.

With an exciting, but wide background in commercial real estate, business investment and conscious, entrepreneurial culture, MAC6 loved what it was up to.  However, they needed some help developing their interests into something clear and integrated.

The Resound team helped MAC6 build on their values and consequently created strategy for a website and blog.  Most importantly was to ensure that their core vision of equipping businesses and entrepreneurs with collaborative space and culture-conscious leadership shone through.

For MAC6, the brand development exercise consolidated their vision which resulted in a consistent key message.

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Want to see more examples of how brand development helped organizations share their authentic story?

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If you’re looking for a creative agency that offers more than a superficial face lift, we’d love to chat about how we can help.  If you need, for example, brand development, brand experiences, and brand consulting - let's chat.

And whether you’re working on the final details of a brand expression, or building something from scratch with a few core values, don’t forget that you’re remarkable.

Develop your brand and show the world you’re remarkable.

Talk with the Resound team about brand development.