01 Brand Definition

This is the core of your brand - including values, personality, audience, and vision. This is what will set you apart and allow your company to create remarkable experiences that keep your customers coming back.

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Are your values well defined?

Are your brand’s personality traits well defined?

How well do you know your audience?

We have clearly defined:

(Select all that apply)

You have a compelling company vision that guides everything you do.

02 Brand Communication

How robust are your visual and verbal guidelines? You can’t build great brand experiences if you’re not communicating consistently and authentically.

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Describe your logo:

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Describe your tagline:

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You have visual guidelines that include:

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Describe your verbal strategy.

03 Brand Execution

Evaluate your customer experience. Brands that communicate a consistent message through every platform are the ones who see sales skyrocket and referrals spread like wildfire.

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Does your website express your unique brand?

Does your printed collateral express your unique brand?

Do your in-person experiences express your brand?

Your digital marketing efforts are:

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04 Brand Position

Assess your competitive differentiation. Brands that stand out in their markets have more opportunities to build lasting customer relationships and earn sales.

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We can name our five closest competitors.

We know the strengths and weaknesses of our closest competitors.

Our brand is clearly different than our competitors, both in look and feel.

We talk (and write) about our brand, services, and products differently than our competitors talk about theirs.

Personal Info

You’re almost there! Tell us a little about your company and we'll personalize the assessment results for you.

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Is Your Brand Ready For Growth?

Healthy brands make marketing easier and produce long-lasting customer relationships.

Use our 15-minute assessment to set your brand up for success.

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Whether your brand is just a seedling or producing fruit, we’ll provide recommendations to enrich your marketing efforts and delight your customers. You’ll walk away with:

  • 01 The 4 Pillars of Branding We’ll detail areas of growth for your brand, based on your specific score.
  • 02 Personalized Recommendations We’ll help you plot out your marketing growth plan - the activities you need to win more customers.
  • 03 Detailed Marketing Checklist Let’s make sure you’re getting the most out of your blood, sweat, and tears.
  • 04 Follow-up Tips We’ll help you and your team dig into the assessment results and implement changes throughout your organization (from root to branch).
Example pdf of what you should expect from the brand assessment tool

Jaimi Koechel, Director of Marketing, Henry+Horne

The Brand Assessment from Resound is a great tool to help you determine where your company’s brand is. If you need to know the next steps to grow your brand this tool will absolutely help you get there.”