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Perfectionism is for Quitters.

“Hi, my name is Mike Jones and I’m a perfectionist.” If there was a Perfectionists Anonymous I’d be a shoe-in. I certainly have all the symptoms of this insidious disease—mind-numbing self-awareness, endless iterating, constant second-guessing, agonizing frustrations with the slightest mis-steps, and of course the blasting critiques of everyone else’s work. Yup. I’m a perfectionist. Read More

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A Brand New World

…I learned that the ability to build a brand that evokes positive human qualities was quite valuable. Today, in this age of widespread distrust of large organizations, that ability is invaluable. People trust people they know; getting to know someone means getting to know his behaviors, attitudes, and values. The same is true of becoming Read More

Content Strategy

Words Really Do Matter

As much as we at Resound love to talk about tone and style, the actual words with which you choose to write and speak really do matter. Presentation without substance is just a lie. Need proof? Watch this product presentation. If you understand what he’s actually talking about, you get a gold star. “But his Read More


How Much Should I Spend On Marketing?

Of all the questions we get as branding and marketing consultants, how much to spend on marketing is pretty close to the top of our clients’ minds. And that makes sense—we’re all running businesses and organizations. Budgeting, costs, and expenses are all big parts of attaining success. And this is an even bigger question for Read More

Content Strategy

Ending A Blog Post

The hardest part of writing is getting started. But the second hardest part of writing is knowing how to end what you’ve started. There you are, travelling along in your blog post – telling a story, making a point, putting your thoughts out there – and everything’s going smoothly enough, until you realize that you’re Read More


Only you can be you.

I hear voices… Maybe you’ve heard them too? It’s the voice that tells me that I’m not good enough to do something I really want to do. It’s the voice that tells me I’ll never finish what I’ve started (including this blog post). It’s the voice that tells you that you’re not unique enough to Read More

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