Don’t Be Human Spam

Have you ever been in a social setting where the person you’re interacting with only has one thing on his mind: himself? I was at a local entrepreneurial gathering lately and landed in a conversation in the aftermath where I was subjected to such an interaction. This person was very excited about how great he Read More


Don’t Trust the Brand-Aid

When I was a kid, my brother David fell off the top bunk and broke his collarbone. In the hectic moments following the collision, my Dad, in his great wisdom, picked up my brother, sat him down on the chair in the corner of the room, and put a Flintstones themed band-aid around his finger. Read More


Re-envisioning a Post-Apple Brandscape

I recently read a brilliant article written by a marketing and branding titan about how Apple changed the culture of customers’ expectations when interacting with brands. I’ve been stewing on a response ever since, because I think the author stopped short in describing the implications of this culture shift. Similarly, I think brands everywhere are Read More


Get Your Marketing to Resonate With Your Audience

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde What does it mean to resonate? Well, The Physics Classroom offers the following definition: “Resonance – when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion…Resonance only occurs when the first object is vibrating at Read More


How Much Should I Spend On Marketing?

Of all the questions we get as branding and marketing consultants, how much to spend on marketing is pretty close to the top of our clients’ minds. And that makes sense—we’re all running businesses and organizations. Budgeting, costs, and expenses are all big parts of attaining success. And this is an even bigger question for Read More

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Knowing Your Audience

The most important thing in communicating is knowing who you are. What’s your brand? What do you care about? What makes you remarkable? What’s your voice? But the next most important thing is probably knowing who you’re communicating to. Who’s your audience? What do they care about? How do they think? What language do they Read More

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