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Brand Identity Makes Marketing Work

Flush. That’s the sound of a shockingly large number of marketing dollars spinning down the toilet. I hope you waved goodbye. Marketing has always been more of an art than science, but that art form has become extremely complex. With all the strategies, calendars, campaigns, digital tools, and activities involved, many companies have resolved to Read More

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Building a Better AEC

Here at Resound we’ve got a soft spot in our hearts for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. I think that’s probably because the people in this industry are extremely intelligent, and have a high value for creativity. Likewise, we’re extremely creative, and…just intelligent enough to carry on a conversation with them. But, hey, at Read More


12 Ways to Die of Bad Marketing

You know what really scares us? Bad marketing: Marketing that’s not consistent, that uses gimmicks to sell product, or that treats people like robots for starters. It’s not a joke. It can kill you. Don’t believe us? Here’s 12 ways bad marketing can kill you: God save you from such a demise. If you need someone Read More


Don’t Be Human Spam

Have you ever been in a social setting where the person you’re interacting with only has one thing on his mind: himself? I was at a local entrepreneurial gathering lately and landed in a conversation in the aftermath where I was subjected to such an interaction. This person was very excited about how great he Read More


Don’t Trust the Brand-Aid

When I was a kid, my brother David fell off the top bunk and broke his collarbone. In the hectic moments following the collision, my Dad, in his great wisdom, picked up my brother, sat him down on the chair in the corner of the room, and put a Flintstones themed band-aid around his finger. Read More


Re-envisioning a Post-Apple Brandscape

I recently read a brilliant article written by a marketing and branding titan about how Apple changed the culture of customers’ expectations when interacting with brands. I’ve been stewing on a response ever since, because I think the author stopped short in describing the implications of this culture shift. Similarly, I think brands everywhere are Read More

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