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Year End Recap: PHX Design Week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Happy New Year from Resound!   What was your most memorable moment in 2014? We know what ours was … Phoenix Design Week. Speakers We’re always amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of our Phoenix creative community. The sessions were often entertaining and always informative. Mike (creative Read More

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Meet Our Design Wizard, Christian

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve gotten to know a majority of our team. In fact, you’ve now met all but one! He’s our Friday Knight, our graphic design intern, Mr. Christian Montoro. Christian is an extremely busy man. When he’s not at Resound, you can either find him at Arizona State University getting Read More

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The Resound Pioneer

Amelia Earhart, Sandra Day O’Connor, Sally Ride, Kayla Izard; what do these women all have in common? They have all boldly gone where no women before them had gone before. From flying solo across the Atlantic, to the first Supreme Court Justice, to the first American woman in space, and now, the first female associate Read More

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Resound in a “Conch Shell”

Resound would like to introduce to you, Mr. Garrett McConchie. Garrett started out in a much smaller role earlier in the year, doing contracting work here and there. As of July, this role has evolved into a much bigger part of Resound Creative. As our marketing specialist, he controls and writes a huge majority of Read More

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Key To The Office

We tell our clients that understanding their company brand means first identifying their own core values and personality traits. We look inward to discover a beautiful story embedded deep within our clients to find their mark. Why are we telling you this? Because our own personal stories and values are what define the Resound brand Read More

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