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Processing PACK EXPO 2015

I’ve been reflecting on so many conversations we had with marketers at the trade show surrounding the packaging industry. Here’s my takeaway: 1. The packaging industry is not sexy. Robotic arms and custom conveyor belts are attractive to a certain demographic (let’s be honest… engineers), but I’d guess the vast majority of the population neither knows Read More

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PACK EXPO Recap 2015

Resound Creative just got back from our first attendance at Pack Expo, the largest trade show for the packaging industry, in Las Vegas. It was three very full days of walking, talking, meeting, listening to and (hopefully) serving various companies and brands. Throughout our time, we helped contribute to the #packexpo community in a…unique way. Read More

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Meet Our New Grad: Nate

And the Resound Creative team just keeps getting better!  Last week, we had the great privilege of welcoming Nate to the office as our newest intern. Nate graduated this year from Arizona State University with a Visual Communication Design degree (Congrats, Dude!).  Actually, he must have quite a fondness for colleges, because he’s shared his designer Read More

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Meet Our Family Developer: Ben

We’ve been searching for a new web developer for a month and a half.  It was looking pretty bleak there for a bit, but lo and behold, (over the ashes of our dying dreams) in walked Ben. Ben has been doing web development since 2004 (for you non-math people out there — that’s 11 years!). Read More

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Meet Our Dev Intern II: Paul

There have been quite a few team interviews in the past few weeks, and we just keep going! Like the Energizer bunny…keep hiring.  And thus marks a completely full Resound office. We digress.  Let us introduce you to Paul:  Our Web Dev Intern II.  Initially, we were looking for one dev intern,and we were especially Read More

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Meet our Designer Maestro: Stephanie

An office can never have too many designers, but designers who are also master branders?  They are worth their weight in gold.  We believe we have one of those here.  Resound is excited to welcome Stephanie as our new art director. Stephanie attended the College of Design at Arizona State University, content to spend most Read More

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Meet Our CSS Padawan: Jeff

This week, Resound is sporting a new intern! A dev intern. A cool dev intern. This week, we are happy to introduce you to Jeff — our awesome dev intern. Jeff started coding while he was learning to create a website for his own business venture. “I really enjoyed both the programmatic technical side of Read More

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Meet Our Gamer Girl: Nikki

Apparently, web development is really popular nowadays.  Everybody wants a cool website…everybody wants multiple functions….everybody wants more plugins.  Needless to say, sometimes we find ourselves treading water in the choppy bay of URLs, eCommerce, WordPress themes, and APIs.  This month was one of those times.  Then, along came Nikki. First, she’s awesome. Secondly, she’s a Read More

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Meet Our Golden(doodle) Boy: Luke

He’s hip! He’s musical! He has a goldendoodle….introducing our new Account Representative:  Luke Miller! Luke was trained in a piano company – the ultimate hybrid of art, education, and business.  He’s very passionate about sales and marketing mixed with a heavy dose of healthy customer relationships.  That’s why Luke was all-in with Resound the second Read More

Inside Resound

Friday Recap: Standing Desks

You’re looking at Resound’s new toy.  Well, it’s really Garrett’s new toy, but it’s in our office and we get to push the button.  That’s right, Garrett bought himself a mechanical desk – one that allows him to stand or sit on a whim.  This desk is the first of its kind at Resound, and Read More

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