Celebrations and Business

Happy Holidays from Resound!  We hope your celebrations are joyful and delicious. It’s interesting how different companies approach the holidays.  Some have decked the entire office with holly (fa la la la la), put Christmas candy in little dishes, hung all the Christmas cards in front of the reception desk, and planned festive holiday blowout. Read More

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Only you can be you.

I hear voices… Maybe you’ve heard them too? It’s the voice that tells me that I’m not good enough to do something I really want to do. It’s the voice that tells me I’ll never finish what I’ve started (including this blog post). It’s the voice that tells you that you’re not unique enough to Read More


The 3 Things Needed Most for Church Intimacy

Resound recently completed a branding and new website project for Camelback Bible Church where one goal was helping members of the congregation feel more connected. Here are some thoughts we had about connectedness and intimacy in churches as a result of this experience, though these ideas might apply to other communities as well. Building Intimacy in Local Read More

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