J Walkyn

E-commerce website based in Gilbert, AZ

The Problem

Josh Miles, the entrepreneur behind J Walkyn, approached us with his idea to create a new online marketplace for Nike Air Jordan shoes. He wanted to make the buying process easier for customers and scammer-unfriendly. An avid Air Jordans fan himself, Josh pulled us into his project with a lot of enthusiasm, which we quickly adopted.

As with any new venture, we needed to start with business strategy. We began competitor research, and discussed his market demographic and unique selling points. Then came the fun. We needed to build not just a website, but a vibrant community for the buyers and sellers of J Walkyn.

Our Process

The Result

So far, J Walkyn has over:

  • 12,000 Facebook followers
  • 8,000 newsletter subscriptions.

“Resound Creative is second to none when it comes to branding and web development. Their ability to take grassroots ideas and develop them into a clear, identifiable, and stimulating brand, verbally and visually, is fantastic. If something is nebulous and imaginative, you can count on them to strategically develop it until it becomes a reality.”
– Josh Miles, Founder of J Walkyn