Increasing Social Engagement for a Community-minded Credit Union

A Cold Call Pays Off

Sometimes you get lucky. Throw a thousand darts while blindfolded and one of them is bound to hit the bullseye, right? But you have to be facing the board, aiming in the right direction, and have pointy tips on the darts. In the context of the cold call, it’s like being in the right place at the right time and delivering the right message.

That’s how our relationship with Canyon State Credit Union started. We’d done some homework to find out which verticals and which companies could benefit from our services. Canyon State was on our list. But we had no way in, no contacts, and no one to refer us to them. Dang it.

Still, we knew we could help them with some of their messaging. Hence, the cold call. And it worked!

The State of the Union

It turned out that Canyon State was actually looking for a partner to consult with them on improving the quality and effectiveness of their social communications. They felt like their social presence was drab and unremarkable. Their existing partner wasn’t quite up to snuff on the details, so they were primed to find an agency that could strategize, execute, analyze, and iterate all under one roof. We thought we were the perfect match, but consulting is all about making sure both parties are on the same page. As soon as we met with the stakeholders from Canyon State, the match was apparent.

We sought to understand. They sought to be understood.

The Right Strategy

Good social strategy is all about two things: brand and audience. Canyon State had one of those two.

They knew who they were (their brand), but they hadn’t thought through what was important to the different segments of their audience. To kick off the relationship, we conducted a social strategy workshop with the CEO and VP of Marketing to uncover Canyon State’s goals, vision, and current markers – as well as getting to know their target audience.

In social, just like in-person relationships, you can’t talk to all people the same way. You’ll tailor your topics and tone depending on who you’re talking to out of courtesy. This looks like different forms of content on Facebook vs. Twitter, for instance.

Canyon State, in particular, had a few audience segments. On Facebook, we suggested focusing primarily on young families, tackling issues like education and budget management. On Twitter, however, we advised them to focus on the college students that attend Grand Canyon University (Canyon State had just signed on as the University’s official credit union partner).

At each step in the development process, we kept key decision makers in the loop and welcomed their feedback if anything was off the mark.

Executing and Iterating

With the Canyon State team backing our social strategy, we began executing it with extreme prejudice. But execution was only half of the plan. We started measuring and analyzing the data behind the execution and fed it back to Canyon State. We proactively came to the table with ideas on how to iterate our strategy to maximize engagement.

And even though we weren’t responsible for crafting her tweets, we noticed that tweets from Canyon State’s beloved CEO brought amazing engagement, so we fed the data back to Canyon State – encouraging Jane Dobbs to keep on doing what she does best.

This level of proactive and client-centered consultative behavior led to measurable success for Canyon State.

We found that their audience engagement on Facebook was highest at around five or six at night. The next quarter, we suggested scheduling every post around that time.
We began tagging Canyon State’s partners in community service on Twitter – something that their previous managers had neglected. We started seeing more cross engagement in the community and between partners.
It’s amazing what a little strategy will do.
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