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Moriah Sawtelle

Web Designer and Front End Developer

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About Moriah Sawtelle

For Moriah, design is about giving a voice to things that matter. Her mom is an artist who taught her to create (when she wasn’t schooling her in movies from the 70s & 80s) and she learned to love web design on her own when she built a blog to raise money for clean water. At Resound, she gets to do that every day — designing meaningful experiences and writing code that brings them to life. In other words, it’s her dream job.

Moriah’s goal is to one day be the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Front-End Dev. Then, she’ll use The Force to make Resound let her work remotely while she hikes every mountain in the world. After that, she’ll probably settle down permanently in an RV in Yosemite Valley. By that time, she’s hoping they have better WiFI there so she’ll still be able to design cool web stuff.  Plus, if there’s an apocalypse, She’ll just hide in a cave behind Yosemite Falls and re-read The Great Gatsby a few times until it’s over. She’s 100% sure that zombies can’t climb waterfalls and don’t like classic literature.

On the off chance that she’s not drinking coffee and designing, you’ll find Moriah listening to vinyl records with her rescue dog, Hudson  (named after the Hudson River in New York). She secretly love elephants, but someone made her watch a Youtube video about how they’re not nice, so she got Hudson instead. He’s a little easier to manage than an elephant when she has her laptop or sketchbook in hand, so it all works out ok.

When it comes to project work, Moriah is a design wizard. She obsesses over every visual detail of what she builds and keeps the user in mind at all times.