Great Branding Makes for Repeat Customers

“Thank you. Come again.” We’ve all heard Apu’s famous catchphrase on The Simpsons, finishing every transaction with an invitation to shop again. Apu is trying to achieve something every business in the world wants: repeat customers. And with stats like these, it’s just common sense: Acquiring a new customer costs 6–7X more than retaining an Read More

Inside Resound

Meet Our Numbers Guy: Robert

Clearly, the Resound team is a group of creatives. It’s in the name: Resound Creative. And, everybody knows that creative people may not be the best at details. Even if they are, they probably don’t enjoy logistical operations. Up until now, Resound’s partner trio has taken care of billing, expenses, payroll, budgets… You know, admin stuff. Read More

Inside Resound

Meet Our Animal Lover: Alex

We’re really excited to welcome a new designer to the Resound team! And, let’s be honest, we were all anxiously waiting for another awesome “Meet Our Teammate” blog post. Alex is coming to us from a background in both freelance design and design/marketing for Cartel Coffee Lab (We, too, are Cartel fans). He got his Read More