“Thank you. Come again.”
We’ve all heard Apu’s famous catchphrase on The Simpsons, finishing every transaction with an invitation to shop again. Apu is trying to achieve something every business in the world wants: repeat customers.

And with stats like these, it’s just common sense:

Acquiring a new customer costs 6–7X more than retaining an existing one. – Bain & Company.
Increasing customer retention by 2% has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%. – Leading on the Edge of Chaos, Emmet Murphy & Mark Murphy.
The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60–70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5–20%. – Bain & Company.

It’s far more expensive to bring in new business than to retain current customers. This . . .

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Clearly, the Resound team is a group of creatives. It’s in the name: Resound Creative.

And, everybody knows that creative people may not be the best at details. Even if they are, they probably don’t enjoy logistical operations. Up until now, Resound’s partner trio has taken care of billing, expenses, payroll, budgets… You know, admin stuff.

Then we met Rob.

Rob has shouldered all daily operations — and that’s no small feat. He spent his first week tracking down receipts like a police dog. But he’s used to that, having worked at Vanguard (retirement plan division) and a local financial adviser’s office in Tempe.

Rob’s not just a numbers guy, though. He double majored in Film & Digital Media and Theater Arts at Baylor University, . . .

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Writing is hard.

I lamented that fact to my author mother recently, and she solemnly shook her head in affirmation. Working in sales usually means you’re loaded with interpersonal skills. But the digital divide means those skills don’t transfer 1:1 to writing emails.

“Cold calling is dead,” says Hubspot’s Jill Rowley. Cold emailing is now the go-to outbound sales method, and there are some inherent challenges in that. Compared with face to face chats, phone communication loses so much nonverbal information. Email communication lacks even the vocal tone and interpretation that phone conversations offer.

The question is, how can we maximize sales opportunities using a far less media-rich medium?

Opening Sentences Go a Long Way

The one tip I want to talk about here is . . .

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Photo Credit: Ash Ponders

We’re really excited to welcome a new designer to the Resound team!

And, let’s be honest, we were all anxiously waiting for another awesome “Meet Our Teammate” blog post.

Alex is coming to us from a background in both freelance design and design/marketing for Cartel Coffee Lab (We, too, are Cartel fans). He got his Associates degree in Visual Communication/Graphic Design at Scottsdale Community College, and jumped right into freelance projects.

He told us, “One thing I loved about doing freelance design work exclusively was the wide array of clients and industries I was able to work with. I was drawn to Resound for the opportunity to get back into working with the wide array of clients.”

Well that, and also . . .

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