One of the most prevalent problems we see companies face today is the lack of competitive differentiation.
If you were to do a quick Google search of liberal arts colleges, banks, or CPAs you’ll see a thousand websites that all say the same things, feel the same way, and send the same messages. Very few companies will pop out as unique or special.

Luke took some time to share his insights on the topic. We’re going to give you the sneak preview though…it involves identity.

Resound loves helping companies discover their authentic identity and begin to implement that into their marketing and communication. Interested in seeing what that process could look like in your situation? Get in touch.

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I can’t believe it’s been seven—SEVEN—whole years since we started this crazy Resound adventure. As David, Jeff, and I talked through plans for 2016 and beyond at our annual partner retreat, we got to talking about lessons we’ve learned in these past few years.

Here’s a just a few of them — we hope you’ll learn from too:

1. Things “not going as planned” means things are going!

The ideas we had for what Resound might become, way back in 2009, are far different than where we’ve ended up. We thought we might become a film production studio or a creative collective or maybe just a 3-person consultancy.

We find ourselves in 2016 as none of those things. And while we might become disappointed . . .

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Welcome to 2016! How was your year?

We don’t know about you, but our office sure changed a lot in the last year. In the course of 2015, Resound gathered 7 more remarkably creative people. We also worked quite a bit on our process and strategy.

If you know us, you know we love to tell stories. So here’s a look back at 2015 in the Resound office.


Resound Turned 6 Years Old

Matt, Mike, Jeff, Sam, Garrett, Chelsea, and Douglas waiting for pizza

The team celebrated six great years of business with a…pizza. Woo! Six years earlier, January 2009, Mike, Jeff, and David formed Resound Creative Media, LLC.


We said goodbye to Garrett, our amazing wordsmith and marketing specialist.

Dat tie doe

Dude, we miss your . . .

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Ok, so…more like

Needed: Admin Assistant

Resound is looking for someone to help with financial reports, invoicing, and office management. We need someone detail-oriented (like, borderline OCD), and let’s face it, a Microsoft Excel wizard. Check out our job description for more details.

This is a part-time position, so we’re thinking about 20 hours a week. Work schedule is flexible, and there’s an opportunity to work from home on occasion.

Interested? Hit us up at

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