Merry Christmas from all of us at Resound Creative! We’ve put together something especially for you.

So, the main guy…with twinkly eyes, merry dimples, rosy cheeks, and a cherry nose. Yup, we’re talking about Santa. The big kahuna himself. Have you ever wondered how to capture him as he jingles his way down the chimney? Well, you’re not alone. Not even close.

So kick back with a big mug of hot chocolate and enjoy these genius (if we do say so ourselves) plans for capturing Santa.

Download Ye Olde Guide for Capturing Santa Claus

And Happy Holidays!

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Let’s face it, there’s really no 9–5 anymore. It’s easy to work from home at 2am, at least for my projects. Companies are heading further towards remote workstations and away from inflexible work hours.

Most of us are checking and responding to emails, writing presentations, or filling out paperwork way outside of normal working hours. Every night before I go to bed, I find myself checking the Facebook business profiles I manage and my work emails. I’m reachable pretty much all the time if someone needs me.

And I should probably say right now, I’m not the kind of person who likes structure. I love writing when I have inspiration, and when I don’t… you can pretty much forget it.

With that in mind, . . .

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My wife and I just moved into a new home in a neighborhood on the east side of town that we actually got to watch being built. Every 2–3 days we would drive out to the site to see the progress. We watched as it changed from a dirt lot, to a foundation, to a frame, and finally to a finished home. About a week after we got the keys we had our first set of friends over and were able to use our new space to show hospitality to our friends.

Your marketing isn’t that different. It’s like a house. It needs to be built on a strong foundation, have a solid frame and structure before you can start cultivating relationships. . . .

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