12 Ways to Die of Bad Marketing

You know what really scares us? Bad marketing: Marketing that’s not consistent, that uses gimmicks to sell product, or that treats people like robots for starters. It’s not a joke. It can kill you. Don’t believe us? Here’s 12 ways bad marketing can kill you: God save you from such a demise. If you need someone Read More


3 Steps to Building Your Brand

1. Find Your Frequency:  Who Are You? You’d be surprised at how many people hear the word “branding” and think, “Oh! Logos and colors.” You might have even thought that when you opened this post. If that was you, no worries. But be prepared, ‘cause we’re about to drop some knowlege. Here’s the reality:  Great Read More

Inside Resound

Processing PACK EXPO 2015

I’ve been reflecting on so many conversations we had with marketers at the trade show surrounding the packaging industry. Here’s my takeaway: 1. The packaging industry is not sexy. Robotic arms and custom conveyor belts are attractive to a certain demographic (let’s be honest… engineers), but I’d guess the vast majority of the population neither knows Read More

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PACK EXPO Recap 2015

Resound Creative just got back from our first attendance at Pack Expo, the largest trade show for the packaging industry, in Las Vegas. It was three very full days of walking, talking, meeting, listening to and (hopefully) serving various companies and brands. Throughout our time, we helped contribute to the #packexpo community in a…unique way. Read More