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Have you ever been in a social setting where the person you’re interacting with only has one thing on his mind: himself?

I was at a local entrepreneurial gathering lately and landed in a conversation in the aftermath where I was subjected to such an interaction. This person was very excited about how great he was and how great his company was. I’ll give him points for self-confidence, but he was lacking a significant piece essential to relationships: empathy.

You know what billboards do really well? They broadcast a message. You know what billboards do really poorly? Listen. Billboards make rotten friends, spouses, coworkers, and neighbors.

So I’ve been stewing around a pretty revolutionary idea, and I think I’m ready to share it: . . .

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Moz’s SEO Pro app is one of our favorite tools for auditing, planning, and reporting on the effectiveness of our search engine marketing strategies. And not only do they offer a fantastic SEO tool, but they give out tons of free insights through their blog, including today’s release of the results of their annual Search Engine Ranking Factors Survey.

Each year Moz gathers responses from some of the world’s leading SEO consultants and specialists on which ranking factors make the greatest (and least) impact on search engine results. They compile and analyze these responses and provide some great insights into what matters when it comes to search engine ranking.

Here’s the infographic of the main results:

There’s a ton of great info in the . . .

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And the Resound Creative team just keeps getting better!  Last week, we had the great privilege of welcoming Nate to the office as our newest intern.

Nate graduated this year from Arizona State University with a Visual Communication Design degree (Congrats, Dude!).  Actually, he must have quite a fondness for colleges, because he’s shared his designer talents with Rio Salado College and the ASU State Press. He also spent a summer interning at Monigle, a branding agency in Denver, Colorado.

Like any normal college grad, Nate goes to concerts, devours books, watches TV, and searches for buried treasure.

Nate found us on social media (because Mike has like a bajillion followers), and thought he’d apply for our design internship. We’re really glad he did! . . .

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