There have been quite a few team interviews in the past few weeks, and we just keep going! Like the Energizer bunny…keep hiring.  And thus marks a completely full Resound office.

We digress.  Let us introduce you to Paul:  Our Web Dev Intern II.  Initially, we were looking for one dev intern,and we were especially impressed with two candidates.  We thought, “We shouldn’t have to choose.”

Welcome to the team, Paul!

Paul studied at Mesa Community College where he received his Associate’s Degree.  Then he transferred to ASU Polytechnic where he’s currently finishing up his Bachelor’s in Graphics Information Technology. Translation:  He’s studying Web Design and Photography/video.

He also writes fiction and is an amateur filmmaker/actor—a very dangerous combination.  This almost completely excuses the . . .

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You’ve heard that before, I’m sure.

And it’s true, inasmuch as the entire internet is really just content. Your website, Facebook, marketing emails, heck, even your Google Ads are really just little bits of content chopped up and assigned semantic value to each digital passerby.

And certainly the “content marketers” of the world want you to believe that content is how you get your business to the top of the pile. Google certainly has made content king. They crawl, sort, filter, and rank all the lovely bits of content all over the place.  Then we all bite and scratch each other in attempts to be Google’s top dog for “best muffin in Saskatchewan” or “winning lottery numbers” or whatever keyword du jour . . .

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An office can never have too many designers, but designers who are also master branders?  They are worth their weight in gold.  We believe we have one of those here.  Resound is excited to welcome Stephanie as our new art director.

Stephanie attended the College of Design at Arizona State University, content to spend most of her waking hours (and some of her ‘I really should be sleeping’ hours) in the studio. In 2009, after four years of intense Bauhaus-inspired training, she graduated summa cum laude and received a B.S. in Visual Communication Design.  Bam.

Since then, she’s worked freelance, agency, non-profit, and in-house. Most recently, she was the art director for Frontiers (a humanitarian non-profit), where she lead a team . . .

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This week, Resound is sporting a new intern! A dev intern. A cool dev intern.

This week, we are happy to introduce you to Jeff — our awesome dev intern.

Jeff started coding while he was learning to create a website for his own business venture. “I really enjoyed both the programmatic technical side of developing in the browser and the amazing creative possibilities of CSS,” he says, “And then when you get the backend put in place really cool stuff happens. I like delivering that same kind of satisfaction to customers and know I’m making a difference in helping their business grow. I’m really excited to be here at Resound and I look forward to growing as a developer and contributing . . .

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