The creative process is difficult.  It just is.

Since art is an outward expression of inner belief and experience, some people will love your creative style, and some will hate it.  There will always be critics.  There will always be someone to tell you what you could’ve done better.

There are many different ways to deal with this pressure, and we want to focus in on two of them (and how to use them in your creative process).

Some people respond to this criticism by judging their own creative thoughts before someone else does. They constantly evaluate and second guess their creative impulses to an extreme, which impedes their ability to get anything done.

Other people respond by simply ignoring the criticism and allowing . . .

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You’re looking at Resound’s new toy.  Well, it’s really Garrett’s new toy, but it’s in our office and we get to push the button.  That’s right, Garrett bought himself a mechanical desk – one that allows him to stand or sit on a whim.  This desk is the first of its kind at Resound, and we’re excited to see how Garrett likes it.

We’ve heard great things about standing desks.  Evan Lahti, an avid online gamer, tried a standing desk for one year.

 “One of the things I found about a standing posture is that it naturally made me want to move around, either as minor relief from standing or, say, to jump in excitement after a victory.”

Joseph Stromberg of Smithsonian . . .

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Let’s think of the marketing process like a tree.

When you think of a tree, you probably think of green leaves and maybe some fruit. But do you realize that this is only a very small part of the mass of a tree? Much of the tree is in the trunk that holds it up, and even more is in the roots, below the ground, unseen. Marketing your company works like that: the colorful part everyone sees is a product of what sits beneath the surface.

First, we have to make sure the brand is rooted.  So far, you’ve been working beneath your company’s surface to uncover your core values and personality traits, which are the roots from which everything else grows.

You’ve . . .

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Resound Turns 6

Well, this precocious business just turned a year older.  Last Wednesday marked the 6th anniversary of Resound Creative’s paperwork initiation, though it had been a gleam in the eye of its founders for years beforehand.  We’ve been reminiscing lately, so we compiled a little glimpse into the history of “remarkability.”

September 2003 – Resound is conceived on a hand-drawn sketch on David Cosand’s notepad in Payson, AZ

June 2005 – Resound collaborates with Production 12a on the award-winning ‘Confessions of a White-Collar Cop’ short film

January 2009  Resound Creative Media, LLC is officially formed by David Cosand and Jeff Watson

August 2009 – Mike Jones joins Resound as Partner


August 2012 – Mike Jones leaves his day job to run Resound full-time

September 2013 Resound moves . . .

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“Who am I?” “Why am I here?”

We know … so melodramatic.  But, seriously. Do you know the answers?

What do you say when someone asks you, “What’s your company like?” or even, “What does your company do?”

Is your answer true to your company culture and purpose?

Can you answer in 30 words or less?

If you can’t, your clients and colleagues probably can’t either.  And when potential clients can’t figure you out, it’s like going on the same blind date over and over again (either people don’t remember you, or they’re just very confused).

Think of it this way:  when you don’t boil down the essence of your company into a clear brand, you come across like you have multiple personality disorder.


“We are very . . .

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