A walk through Phoenix Design Week with Resound!

As you know, we were looking forward to Phoenix Design Week for an extremely long time. It came and it went way faster than any of us would have liked, but we have some good news. We can relive it over and over with pictures that our incredible “team photographer,” Matt, took while we were there.

If you weren’t there, that’s ok! Take a look at our pictures below, get a feel for what happened, and then just tell other people you went (we won’t tell).

And so it begins! Here’s Christian in front of the welcome sign, lookin’ to get things started at the Phoenix Convention Center.


Here’s Niki Blaker (https://twitter.com/nikiblaker), President of AIGA AZ. . . .

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If you have been following us on social media—which you should be—you’ll know that we do a lot of research on things we find interesting. It can be anything really; advertising, graphic design, or even something completely random that happens to inspires us. Here is a list of some things we’ve found on the web over the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

1. Citizen Watches

Have you ever wondered how to advertise a wrist watch? We believe that Citizen watches has absolutely nailed it this time. Merely tell a story about telling time. Watch the video above to see them chase a sunset across the world and steal a night from the universe.

2. Neil Patrick Heineken

If you’ve ever needed a lesson in . . .

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What a busy week it’s been in the office! We’ve been working a lot getting everything organized for the upcoming Phoenix Design Week—doing everything from making our very own buttons, to organizing a game, to building a registration page. You name it, we probably did it!

Are you wondering what kind of game we came up with? Well, even if you’re not, you’re in luck, because we’re going to tell you anyways.

As you probably know by our earlier post, we are sponsoring this year’s Phoenix Design Week. Along with that, we get to put something into your “swag bag” (which is essentially a bag full of goodies from all the sponsors).

Inside your swag bag we’ll include a button with a word on . . .

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Resound is happy to announce that we are heading to the 6th annual Phoenix Design Week! The weeklong event kicks off this weekend with several events including the Method & Madness design conference. It is organized by AIGA Arizona, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a local designer showcase hosted by Creativity International Awards. (AIGA’s Legacy Exhibition ­+ Reception will take place on Saturday, Oct. 18 at 5:30 p.m.)

“What started out as one designer’s open letter to bring the community together has become a respected conference that brings together designers from around Arizona,” said Niki Baker, Phoenix Design Week Director and AIGA Arizona President. “It’s a rally cry to gather designers and show what we’re capable of as a . . .

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Resound Creative is looking for another remarkably creative individual to come join our team.  We are looking for (drumroll. please)…

A Design Intern!

Ok, let’s take a personality test.  You do which of the following:

Sit around your house dreaming up neat web design concepts
Constantly learn new things
Think about school, because you’re a college student or a recent college grad
Just wish you worked in an office with awesome people who play hacky sack and do super-crazy improv stuff
All of the above

Have your answer?  Let’s psychobabble.

If you answered A:  You’re a creative genius with a mind for web design.  You are passionate about branding and graphics, and have an all-around thirst for awesome sauce.  You might be our new design intern!

If you answered B: . . .

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Amelia Earhart, Sandra Day O’Connor, Sally Ride, Kayla Izard; what do these women all have in common? They have all boldly gone where no women before them had gone before. From flying solo across the Atlantic, to the first Supreme Court Justice, to the first American woman in space, and now, the first female associate at Resound Creative.

We are absolutely ecstatic to have Kayla apart of our team. Even in the short week she has been here, she has already made an impact. Not to mention courageously diving into our inside jokes and nerdy (but cool) sense of humor.  She will not only be writing content for clients, but for us as well! We can’t wait to see what she . . .

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