Resound would like to introduce to you, Mr. Garrett McConchie. Garrett started out in a much smaller role earlier in the year, doing contracting work here and there. As of July, this role has evolved into a much bigger part of Resound Creative. As our marketing specialist, he controls and writes a huge majority of the content that we put out.

This usually includes anything from blog posts, to company brand definitions, or just overall marketing strategies. Take a second and get to know the man behind the words!

Resound: How do you like to relax?

Garrett: Usually I like to just sit back and do nothing. To be honest, this is really the only way for me to shut my brain off completely. I . . .

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This week, we had a chance to sit down with another vital part of the Resound team. Matt is the guy we go to when our fun website coding needs to be done.  His work doesn’t end there either! It actually goes beyond Resound itself. On the side, he has his own photography company called Matt Le Photography.  To say he’s a hard worker is a monumental understatement!

Without further ado—I present to you: Our pixel overlord, our photographer, and our knight in coding armor… Matt Le.

Resound: Are you more of a city guy or a nature guy?

Matt: The city is my jungle.

Resound: Tell me a little about Matt Le Photography. How did that all start?

Matt: My father was into photography . . .

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What a crazy week it’s been in Arizona! On Monday, a massive amount of rain greeted us, resulting in images like the one you see above (which may or may not be photoshopped). It left cars abandoned on freeways, homes underwater, and an empty Resound Office. Most of the team wasn’t able to come in because of the closed roads and water.

In what is being referred to as a once-in-500-to-1,000-years rainfall event, this was one of the worst rainfalls that Arizona has ever seen. By 7am, we had already accumulated 3 inches of rain, which broke a previous Arizona record set in 1933. At the end of the day, we had 4.41 inches of rain. To put that in perspective, . . .

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(by Matt Le, Web Developer & Designer at Resound)

My first experience with WordCamp could best be summed up in these three words…pho, spring rolls and WordPress. I had an awesome time—it was like all of the best things I love about web design and development wrapped up in a ‘WordPress’ spring roll wrapper.

I love photography, so naturally I took lots of pictures. Here are most of them…

It all started on the open road.

We arrived at our lodging.  

A dog greeted us.

We ate some local food!

Woke up the next morning for Wordcamp LA.

After a great day of seminars, we were invited to downtown LA for a social mixer.

Mike and I hung out with the Archers, Cody and his wife. They are . . .

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This week, we had the privilege of introducing a new member to the Resound team—Mr. Douglas Morales.  It’s been a lot of fun getting to know him this past week, and we want to let you in on the fun. We had a chance to sit down with him and ask him a few questions.

So pop some popcorn, take a load off and enjoy his answers!

Resound: If money were no object, what would you do all day?

Douglas: This is a very tough question to answer, there are a number of things I would do. Starting off, I would push all my hobbies to the limit (slacklining, rock climbing, biking and hiking), then I would do all of those around the world while . . .

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