Doing improv a few days out of the week is a huge part of our weekly shenanigans. In improv, there are a lot of different games to play, but the one we usually end up going with is “Name Ten Things.”

In name ten things, and improv in general, it is important to know that there are no wrong answers—ever. In fact, the more absurd the answer, the better it is. 

You’re probably asking yourself the questions, “Isn’t improv just a bunch of goofing around?” Or, “How could this possibly be productive?”

Truth is, improv can be very productive, and despite its comedic nature, it can be, and should be, taken seriously! This is the reason that we do it. Our job is . . .

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We tell our clients that understanding their company brand means first identifying their own core values and personality traits. We look inward to discover a beautiful story embedded deep within our clients to find their mark.

Why are we telling you this? Because our own personal stories and values are what define the Resound brand as well.

We are starting a new blog series. We’ll share the stories that make up who we are as individuals, and as a company.

We’ve grown really quickly over the last year. There are a lot of challenges with that. Our white board has more tasks on post-it notes than Mike has cups of coffee. But our team keeps digging in and getting things done for our . . .

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Confession: we’re big Wikipedia readers. Like the kind that can spend hours clicking through from one related article to another and totally forget how long we’ve been staring at our computer / iPhone.

While we love the content and ability to wander through the endless knowledge on Wikipedia, the reading experience is less than ideal. Have you ever tried to read an article on a really wide screen? The lines of text will stretch on for miles without breaking. What a strain! And fonts, line-heights, and letterspacing could all be fine tuned to make reading more enjoyable and efficient.

But we totally understand Wikipedia’s predicament: they’ve grown so large that a redesign is a massive undertaking. And they’re a humble non-profit, reliant . . .

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Man, 2014 has been crazy! As our clients have grown and as we’ve added new client relationships, we’ve had to grow our staff several times over the past 7 seven months. And now we’re doing it again!

Right now we’re looking to fill two full-time positions: a Marketing Coordinator and a Junior Web Developer. If you (or someone you know) have these skills and experience (and are hard working, smart, and a lover of learning) we’d love to chat! Take a gander at the job descriptions linked here and then give us a holler at

Marketing Coordinator opening at Resound Creative

Junior Web Developer opening at Resound Creative

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