Of all the questions we get as branding and marketing consultants, how much to spend on marketing is pretty close to the top of our clients’ minds. And that makes sense—we’re all running businesses and organizations. Budgeting, costs, and expenses are all big parts of attaining success.

And this is an even bigger question for start-ups and young businesses—many of whom have little or no experience with marketing and the costs involved.

The great thing about answering this question is that there’s tons of help out there to get your started. And there’s also many ways to go about creating a marketing budget for your business.

Here’s a few that we’ve found helpful:

LegalZoom.com on Marketing Budgeting

LegalZoom.com . . .

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The hardest part of writing is getting started. But the second hardest part of writing is knowing how to end what you’ve started.

There you are, travelling along in your blog post – telling a story, making a point, putting your thoughts out there – and everything’s going smoothly enough, until you realize that you’re at 500 words and you don’t know how to put a cap on it all.

The worst thing to do is keep on writing until you’ve “found a natural ending”! That’s how you end up with 3,000-word long blog-ifestos that nobody, not even the people stalking you, will ever read.

But you don’t want to just stop. You won’t want to leave something hanging.

So, here are five ways . . .

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